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The Unit of Microbiology and SAELMT is part of the Centre for Tropical Diseases (CTD); it has three main sections: Bacteriology, Parasitology and Molecular biology. They are located respectively at Sacro Cuore building (Microbiology)) and at Don Calabria building (Parasitology and Molecular biology). The laboratories occupy modern structures, and are equipped to perform a broad range of diagnostic procedures.

The Unit examines about 60000 samples per year for the presence of bacteria, fungi and parasites which may be cause a variety of diseases and works in close contact with the consultants in tropical and infectious diseases of the hospital. It works from Monday to Saturday included for routine exams, and provides a 24/7 service for urgent exams, e.g. for malaria and meningitis, using specialized automated and manual techniques. The samples come from hospitalizeed patients (including Day-Hospital) and from outpatients.

The Unit Microbiology and SAELMT is accredited Uni EN ISO 9001 - Bureau Veritas and participates in External quality assurance schemes (SKML, NEQAS, crrVEQ Careggi-Toscana).

The three sections employ 16 professionals (permanent staff: biologists and lab technicians) , and hosts interns and students.

Teaching activities are regularly carried out, addressed to students of Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedical laboratory techniques. The teaching activities are also aimed at graduates (mainly MD and biologists), residents in Infectious diseases as well as in Microbiology and Virology. A substantial proportion of time is devoted to practical training. Moreover, a residential, 2-week course of Basic Laboratory for Tropical countries is held on a yearly basis, and so are the two other residential courses held at CTD (Clinical logic in Tropical Medicine and Travel Medicine).

The Unit of Microbiology and SAELMT also carries out basic and applied research activities in the field of tropical diseases and parasitology.

The main activities of the laboratory is the direct and indirect research on different biological materials, microbial agents such as bacteria and fungi responsible for human infections, both for hospitalizeed patients (including Day-Hospital) and from outpatients.This research aimed at the detection, identification and possible drug susceptibility testing, uses classic and innovative techniques. The laboratory also deals with epidemiological studies and surveillance of resistance to antimicrobial drugs
The Service of Epidemiology and Laboratory for Tropical diseases cooperates very closely with the Centre for Tropical Medicine of the same Hospital. Our Service performs laboratory tests for the Tropical Centre and for all the Departments of the Hospital, as well as for out-patients who are referred from general practitioners (prescription of the family doctor is required). In addition, the Service of Epidemiology and Laboratory for Tropical diseases offers a free telephone assistance for all practitioners: our specialists indicate the appropriate exams to perform and give explanation about the results. Since many years, the Service has been organizing intensive training courses for people who intend to operate in Developing Countries as well as for italian sanitary personnel who wish to improve the knowledge in parasitology. Our laboratory of tropical diseases performs microscopic identification of tropical and non tropical parasites as well as indirect (serological) and direct (antigenic) up-to-date diagnostic tests for specific infections. Most tests are commercially available; in some cases, laboratory-made tests are used (for example for the detection of anti-Strongyloides antibodies).
Centro per le Malattie Tropicali e Servizio autonomo di Epidemiologia e Laboratorio per le Malattie Tropicali. Mail: segreteria.malattietropicali@sacrocuore.it
Ospedale classificato ed equiparato Sacro Cuore - Don Calabria Via don A. Sempreboni, 5 - 37024 Negrar, Verona (Italy)
P.IVA 00280090234 - Work tel. (+39) 045 6013111 - fax (+39) 045 7500480 - pronto soccorso 045 6013222 - EMERGENZE: 118
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